The Chicken Tractor Service By Evan on Earth


Chickens work a fallow garden area.

Do you live in a rural area, and wish you could enjoy the benefits of owning chickens without the commitment?

Tired of weed eating in your orchard or vineyard?

Chickens work the drip line of a mandarin orchard.

Evan on Earth is now offering a mobile chicken tractor service.

Perfect for small family farms, families living in rural areas, schools, young couples, and curious individuals who are interested in experiencing the benefit of having chickens as a part of there property management.

Our certified Chicken-ician Tow in our Chicken tractor and show your how to rearrange the included fencing. We teach you about the basics of chicken care and provide you with a guide and a support line. Each tractor comes with +12 healthy chickens with a friendly but protective rooster who protects the flock from predators. You get the experience of feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs every morning while they tend your land with organic weed and pest control.


Enrich your soil with nutrients, locked in problem weeds and pests!

Enjoy the aesthetic joy of keeping chickens without the vacation blocking commitment!

Concentrate the effective biological functions of the chickens in the areas that need it most!

Maintain orchard and vineyards without damaging the vascular tissue of valuable woody perennials.

Harvest fresh organic eggs daily.

$100.00 for 10 days

Includes food, a short workshop and support line.

Contact: (530)320-3422 to book your poultry experience.