It appears you need a premium subscription to embed a video on here, so here’s a link. Much love.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Vlog!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVAN!! Whatever day it is, I hope all 24 hours are fabulous. Loved starting my day listening/watching your vlog. Am so glad you’re treating yourself to a massage every now and then and becoming more aware of the importance of meditation, mindfulness, and thinking about the roles they play in our lives. Can you tell me the best way to communicate with you? Is email still good? Can I mail stuff and, if so, where do I send it? It’s great you have your cozy balcony in the midst of all the crowds, cars, construction etc. Everybody needs their own little space! Am thinking about you today and about how grateful I am for you. You’ve been a wonderful gift these past 34 years and I’ve treasured all of them.

    Much love from the GM.


  2. Hey, Evan,

    Random person here, though not quite as random as the lady in the grocery store. Your mom and I went to high school together and we’re in a group of about 10 of us that still get together. I followed your blog when you were in Uganda, and I’m enjoying this one, too. Thanks for letting us follow your journey. I hope your birthday was good. Debi


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